Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

When is it wise to make divorce decisions without the guidance of a lawyer? Must you hire a lawyer to get custody of your child?

What happens if you are the sole earner of the family, and have financial considerations? Let's find out uncontested divorce new york.

What do divorce lawyers do?
Divorce lawyers can help with a variety of things. They can excel in allowing a smooth transition for you and your spouse to part. Quite often divorces can be messy, especially in terms of financial considerations, assets, and most importantly child custody. An expert lawyer can help you avoid losing too much. It's rare that the case is one-sided, but it does occur sometimes when a child is involved.

To answer the question again - a divorce lawyer will make this process easier for you. He or she will explain laws to you and make sure the final settlement is fair for you. Since divorces are so common, many think navigating the laws is easy; it's not.

Why not by yourself?
There are some instances when you can go without divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse are on good terms, are willing to negotiate with each other fairly, and are agreed on child custody if a child is involved, then yes, it's very possible to successfully break without all the worries, headaches, and lawyer fees. However, the laws are complex and it can be very dangerous and costly not to hire one.

What do you tell the lawyer?
What you tell is very important. You obviously have some goals, things you want to keep, rights you want, money you earned and feel is yours. In some cases, you and your spouse might hire the same lawyer. Why on Earth would you do that? If you are agreed on the big issues, it can save you both time and money and make the process easier legally.

When you need to hire a lawyer?
There are many good examples for situations where you definitely want an attorney, especially if the divorce is going to be very messy and there is a lot on the line. If you have a child and this spouse is abusive, if the spouse has a major drug or drinking problem, and/or if the spouse is lying about certain things during the divorce, it's very smart to hire an attorney.

You wouldn't want to put your child's safety on the line because you don't know all the laws - like how to prove abuse is occurring. On the other hand, if a spouse is trying to take all the property and/or money, you will likely have a legal battle.

How to Hire a Lawyer
Finally, if you want to make this process smooth, fast, and inexpensive, you need to know who to hire and when to hire. Since divorce is so common, there are tens of thousands of lawyers across the country. You want to look for: experience, availability, and price. The right lawyer will specialize in divorce law and child custody (if needed), will have the time to help your case, and won't charge you huge hourly rates for a long trial.