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They had the cheek to borrow their bowls and chopsticks from Aunt Zhang. They borrowed these pots from the brigade, and several big pots were built next to the newly built house. Because it is close to the river, it is very convenient to do anything.


"Huh?"? I didn't expect that the waste brother was not a professional player. It's really awesome to play games while going to school. The demon God worshipped Qiu Tian and said. There's no such thing as being lucky. It's just a little better than the average player. All right, everybody, you go upgrade. There is still a day to prepare for tomorrow. By the way, I feel that you should not take part in the gang war. Hang up once and lose 5% of the experience. Now the level is so high, but it's a lot to lose once. Qiu Tian just prepared to say hello to everyone and then get off the line, suddenly remembered this matter and said to Qingfeng. Why don't you let me participate? I'm just going to lose 5% of my experience. I've been psychologically prepared for it. Qingfeng heard Qiu Tian's words, as if someone wanted to take away his beloved things, and immediately said eagerly to Qiu Tian. I told Shisan about this problem, and you can ask him. Sorry, everyone, if I don't quit the game, it will be too late to go to school. Qiu Tian said the last sentence, did not give others a chance to speak, a white light flashed from Qiu Tian's body, Qiu Tian disappeared in the white light. This guy is really fast. Thirteen looked at Qingfeng's excited eyes and could not help smiling bitterly. Qiu Tian took off his game helmet from his head and ran to school immediately. The holiday is coming soon. You can't go to the exam late today,Ozone generator ceramic plate, or a year's effort will be wasted. Qingfeng seemed to have been stripped of his political rights for life, and he was very excited. He always asks why he doesn't have a share in the gang war. Thirteen patiently explained to him that Thirteen was certainly not stupid and told Qingfeng the real person who made the decision. I just want to kill a Japanese. Is that wrong? At least let me have my own strength. "Qingfeng is clinging to thirteen. Be sure to ask." In fact, this waste is also out of good intentions, his best friends have been deceived by him, do not let them get involved. It's not easy to upgrade. I'm afraid they'll make a mistake. I don't have the right to decide this matter. You'd better ask him when the waste comes back. There is still a day to go before the gang war. Let's take the time to upgrade. With the stubborn character of Qingfeng, thirteen could not persuade him,alumina c799, so he had no choice but to kick the ball to Qiu Tian who had already gone to school. Even if Qingfeng insisted, he had to wait until the Lord came, so he sighed and stopped talking. Let's go and upgrade first. Qingfeng said helplessly to thirteen. After the Iron-blooded Chinese Gang submitted a gang challenge to the government of Xialin City, the news spread at lightning speed. While thirteen and others were trying to upgrade, the news of Iron-blooded China's challenge to the First Empire had almost spread throughout the Eastern District. Iron-blooded China was defeated by the First Empire, has reached the edge of the dissolution of the gang, now the number of gangs in the Eastern District is innumerable, but with the Winter Frost City as the focus of the devil players on a gang, that is, the First Empire, in terms of overall strength, 10g Ozone Generator ,steatite c221, I do not know how much stronger than this Iron-blooded China. In the last gang war, Tiexue China was still in the challenged gang, so the battlefield was around Tiexue China. At that time, there were 20 NP archers to help, and the number was close to 400. It can be said that it was the strongest time for the Iron-blooded China. At that time, the Iron-blooded China was defeated. Now, I don't know what the hell is going on. It's incredible to declare war on the First Empire. Because the two gangs of Iron-blooded China and the First Empire are the two protagonists of the first gang war in the game, they attract the attention of other players and other gangs. Novel net updates the fastest, registered users land every day to send Q coins, telephone charges are www.. Com That's awesome! Recommend bookmarking the previous chapter of the table of contents and the next chapter Warm tips: key around () around the page, up and down (↑ ↓) scroll up and down, enter key: return to the top of the table of contents, my bookshelf will be added to the bookshelf aftertaste library, please support! If you want to read more about the latest chapters of the novel, please return to the front page of the aftertaste library. Permanent address: Copyright ? Recall the stacks All rights reserved. Chapter 44 shock Aftertaste Library Online Games Born Waste Table of Contents Text Chapter 44 Shock Search The Fastest Update of This Novel Aftertaste Library Book Introduction Chapter Table of Contents My Bookshelf Add Bookshelf Add Bookmark Recommended Book TXT Download Convert Traditional Select Background Color: Select Font Size: font 1 font2 font3 The forty-fourth chapter of the main text is shocking. Outside the city of Winter Frost, there is only one gang station. (Update the fastest and most stable, novel network, Baidu "Iron-blooded China in the end want to do, even dare to come to challenge, the joke is not so open ah.". They must have been defeated by us, and they were so stimulated that they went crazy. Inside the gang station, the dog is stupid and the wolf is smart enough to analyze. Sitting on the chair at the top of the steps of the Council chamber, Nakata Eagle Beast did not speak at the moment, but looked carefully at the gang war stickers he had received from the government not long ago. On September 20, the first year of Tianxia calendar, the'Iron-blooded China ', a gang affiliated to Xialin City, issued a gang challenge to the'First Empire', a gang affiliated to Dongshuang City. The challenge level is: Level 1 Challenge. The gang challenge will start at noon on September 22, the first year of Tianxia calendar. As the challenger, Tiexue China will carry out unlimited attacks on the First Empire. There will be no PK restrictions between the gang members of the two sides. The winner will receive 60% of the losing gang's funding, 60% of the contribution, and 60% of its construction. During the Guild Challenge, players who have been killed will be denied re-entry to the Guild Challenge until the end of the Guild Challenge. If the gang manager surrenders, he will be judged as the loser,ceramic bobbin heater, and if all the members of the gang participating in the gang challenge are killed, he will be judged as the loser. You must enter the gang station within three hours before the gang challenge. If you exceed the time limit, you will be regarded as giving up the gang challenge automatically.