I was forced to be born again.

A good friend? Chieko still shook her head. Zhenyi turned around and walked away. Why don't you go into the teahouse and drink tea together? Now, the seats are empty. The real sand advised.


At this point, I felt a little uneasy. I was reborn in a poor family, so I couldn't help Cao Ziming like Miss Cai Yongyan. So, is it a mistake for me to stay with Cao Ziming? After learning that she did not have the possibility of being with Cao Ziming, would Miss Cai Yongyan stop helping Cao Ziming? Without me, Cao Ziming would be with Miss Cai Yongyan, so there would be no possibility of her hating because of love. For a while, I had a great deal of uncertainty about what I did yesterday. I'm really afraid that Cao Ziming will be hurt because of me. Time always passes slowly in sorrow, and a night of tossing and turning is as long as a year for me. The next day, when I woke up in a daze, it was already bright, and the warm morning light was sprinkled on the carpet through the curtains, with tiny dust beating in the morning light. Such a quiet morning, people can not help but feel warm, but it seems that there is a monster lurking under the calm water, but always lingering, like silk around me. After lunch, Xiao Luo asked me worriedly when I could go home and go back to school. I couldn't answer. I could only touch his head and say it was very fast. Xiaoya followed Cao's mother back and forth busy with something, as if she didn't care much about going home. In fact, where there is a family is home,stainless steel tile trim, now the three of us are together, so where we are, what does it matter? It's just that the days of being afraid and not knowing when something bad will happen are really too hard to endure. Thinking that sorrow is not the way, I also began to join the ranks of Cao's mother and Xiaoya, to help do something to divert attention. After cleaning, he planned to go out of the villa to throw garbage, but suddenly someone came out of his side. I was startled, and when I saw a man dressed in familiar black,stainless steel edge trim, I was relieved. Miss Fan, I'm coming. With these words, the man with a strange face was about to grab the garbage bag from my hand. I waved the garbage bag away, winked and said, "I'll do it myself." If someone helped me throw away the garbage, I would be really bored to death, so I had to do it myself. The man in black had no choice but to follow me all the way to the garbage concentration point. Because it was really boring, I did not throw it casually as before, but squatted down and put the garbage in order. The man in black around him looked around warily, like the legendary bodyguard of Zhongnanhai, with eyes and ears. Brother, don't be so nervous. You see, the view here is so wide that if anyone wants to get close, he can see it at a glance. I stood up and said to the man in black. But the other side only frowned, aluminium tile trim profiles ,china tile trim, the tight body did not seem to relax, "Miss Fan, brother Ming let us protect you, I must be cautious." I had no choice but to follow him back. However, at this time, not far away suddenly sounded the engine of the car! The man in black reacted very quickly. At the moment when the voice sounded, he pulled me and ran to the villa. Almost at the same time, more than ten people rushed out from all directions of the villa and blocked me one by one. I even saw someone pull out a gun that can only be seen in TV movies! Stunned at the scene in front of me, I had a sense of nonsense in my dreams, and I couldn't recover for a moment. It was a black car, no license plate, the speed was very fast, and the target was our villa. The man in black who had been pulling me took me to the door of the villa. When the car was ten meters away from the villa, we had already stepped into the door. Before entering the villa, I looked back and saw that the car suddenly made a sharp turn and drifted like an AE86. Just as he was wondering, some pieces of paper were suddenly scattered from the car, like snowflakes falling to the ground with the breeze. As if just to do such a boring thing, the car turned around and sped away without looking back, and soon disappeared from our sight. The men in black around the villa looked at each other for a moment, and the man in black who had been beside me slowly stepped forward and picked up a piece of paper at random-no, not a piece of paper, it seemed. Photo? I suddenly had a bad feeling. "What is that?" I stood motionless at the door of the villa and asked the man in black frowning with the photo. He glanced up at me, slowly loosened his frown, and said with a smile, "It's just some threatening pictures. It's too bloody. Miss Fan'd better not look at them." "It doesn't matter, I have a strong taste." I saw something strange in his look and didn't believe him at all. As I spoke, I walked slowly to the nearest picture on the ground. Miss Fan, you'd really better not look at it! The man in black said anxiously and suddenly turned to the others. "What are you still standing for?"? Get rid of all this garbage! His behavior of trying to cover up made me feel even more uneasy. I rushed forward and grabbed a photo with a man in black. He was afraid of hurting me and didn't dare to push hard. I grabbed the picture effortlessly. But the moment I saw the picture clearly, my brain seemed to explode with a loud thunder, and the buzzing echo filled my whole brain. The author has something to say: In a twinkling of an eye, half a month has passed, the winter vacation is coming, and I will soon return to my hometown in the mountains and live without the Internet. For so long no more, I bow to express the deepest apology, these two days will try to update, must be disconnected before the end of the home! PS: Actually, this chapter is for January 3. Well, a lot of debt orz 48 48, Chapter 48.. This, this is, this is.. I suddenly felt cold all over my body, and the cold air came up from the bottom of my heart, freezing my throat, so that I could not say the name on my lips. As the man in black said, this picture is very bloody. In the dim background, on the cold and hard floor,aluminum tile edge trim, the human body in the middle seems to be as striking as a spotlight. The contorted posture, the frightened expression, the solidified blood. A mess. jecatrims.com