Chiaki Chiaki

She is not a girl who likes to join in the fun, and sports is not a strong point. In the tennis competition, she can only be seen in the national competition every year. When did she become interested in basketball.


"Al Al, if you don't have enough to eat, shall I go to the supermarket to buy bread for you?" The nanny and breeder, Jackal Kuwabara, stood out lovingly, and if no one came to persuade them, the two little animals would have shed tears on the spot. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Egghead, you're the best! Marui broke his tears into a smile. As soon as Kuwabara's mouth twitched, he saw the benevolent king who had already laughed and the gentleman whose mouth twitched eerily. He turned his head and walked away. Good old man or something, it doesn't mean you can laugh at me! Wen Tai, go and buy your own bread! Hum! A good old man has the right to be angry! In the midst of the chaos, Yukimura finally spoke. Ah, Qieyuan, remember to go to find Zhishujun to cram at noon today. "Looking up slightly, Xingcun closed his lunch box with a smile:" Let Lian Er take you with him. After all, Lian Er and Zhishujun are in the same class. " As soon as he heard the word "cram school", the young man seemed to have lost all his energy and was powerless to turn against the sky. English or something. It really makes people want to destroy it! "I'll take him there." Gracefully wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, the strategist nodded calmly. Next time,heavy duty cantilever racks, tell Shiba to cook the teriyaki chicken rice again. Yes Liu Xuechang. At the mention of English, Chihara Chi also felt that the sandwich made by his sister had no taste. Sister Zhi Shu. Of course, she could not study in the class, so she took the poor junior to a small study room she found when she was a librarian, because the place was remote, so few people would come to disturb her. Liu Lian-er is holding his book and looking at it. His role is naturally to suppress it. Mr. Chihara, what's the average score of the English test? After talking about the second grade English for a while, Chiaki found that it was really a chicken talking with a duck. Helplessly,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he had to ask cautiously. At least you have to tell her the most basic situation. How much do you want to start. After all, the junior's poor English scores were as famous as his arrogance, and she was afraid that she would accidentally hurt the self-esteem of adolescent boys. ……” Chihara was speechless. He really didn't remember how many points he got in the English test, not to mention the average score of all the tests. If you ask him what the last match with Vice Minister Sanada was, maybe he still remembered. The average score of Chihara's English is 22. 5 points. Liu Lian-er, who had not made a sound for a long time, opened her notebook and reported a number that made the corners of Zhi Shu's mouth twitch. 22.5 ? "Such a high average score is due to the help of the seniors in the tennis department." Liu Lian-er sighed slightly: "If you take the exam yourself, you will never get 18 points." Always calm Zhi tree also can't help but want to scratch the wall, the side of the sea led the junior has squatted in the corner to draw a circle, he also did not want to do not want to do not want ah! "Well, Liu Jun, is it all right to let Qieyuan pass the exam this time?" Chiaki asked with a little hope. Yes, as long as you can successfully participate in the Kanto Competition. "All right, leave it to me." The girl blinked confidently, and when her clear eyes looked at the handsome young man beside her, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty cantilever racks, she was full of smiles. Let Mr. Chihara go back first. I will give him the exam content in two days. The correct rate of her guessing is more than 70%. Liu Lian-er paused and immediately understood the meaning of her words. With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she said to the junior who was squatting in the corner, "Qieyuan, go back to the classroom first." "Eh?"? Don't you have to make up lessons? Although there is no vice minister's iron fist suppression, but there is a strategist adult in charge, he did not intend to be lazy ah. Why did you let him go so easily? "Ah Le, when the time comes, I will give the content of the exam to Qieyuan Jun. Qieyuan Jun remember to recite it." The comely and elegant senior sister stood beside Liu Xuechang, tilted her head and smiled. The young man who took the lead in the sea blushed. " Hi! Thank you, Zhi Shu Xue Jie! As long as he can pass this abominable exam and then successfully participate in the Kanto contest, let him do anything! Looking at the curly-haired junior happily jumping away, Liu Lianer could not help but reach out and dial her messy bangs: "You have worked hard.". "There are some intimate gestures that he doesn't overdo at all. So far, it's his favorite thing when they're together. Rubbing her hair or plucking her bangs." Hey, it's all right. Anyway, it's a guessing game. I'm used to it. "Standing there quietly, one step away from him, her height is just up to his chin. The girl's light fragrance is faint, and her eyes are soft and soft." But Liu Jun, has been worried about the tennis department, very hard, right? She shook her head gently and pulled her to one side of the chair. "Fortunately, as Shiba said, I'm used to it." Six years like a day, from the beginning of entering the tennis department of Lihai University, from the beginning of the first grade of middle school to become a tennis department, he began this kind of life, using data to develop training menus, using records to improve training programs, using observation to point out shortcomings for each member of the department, the same, tireless pursuit of his flawless data tennis. Because she often practices tennis, the teenager's palm has a thin cocoon, and when she holds her soft and tender little hand, there will still be a moment of stiffness, but it will be as natural as before. What are you doing this weekend? If it's all right, why don't you come with us to Ichiro's house to review? As she spoke, Liu Lian-er opened her hand lightly, ignoring the faint strange feeling in her heart, and picked up the notebook on the table with her eyes closed. Still not used to making too intimate behavior, ah, Liu Lian-er sighed from the bottom of her heart, but fortunately, Zhi Shu is not the kind of girl who likes to act like a spoiled child. Eh? This weekend? Saturday is fine, but I have to go to the basketball game on Sunday. Chiaki bit his lip, a little embarrassed, for her boyfriend's first invitation, even to refuse. However, to watch the basketball department of the game,industrial racking systems, is a long time ago promised Daze Jun ah. Liu Lian-er frowned invisibly. "Basketball department?" She is not a girl who likes to join in the fun, and sports is not a strong point. In the tennis competition, she can only be seen in the national competition every year. When did she become interested in basketball.