Reborn Girl Takes Away My Luck (1)

Maud Yin face still with tears, can not help but smile, her pink lips raised radian, like the beginning of the rain, indescribably fresh, the three princesses can not help but look stunned.


Maud Yin face still with tears, can not help but smile, her pink lips raised radian, like the beginning of the rain, indescribably fresh, the three princesses can not help but look stunned. Her good friends were either as dignified as Qi Zhuohua or as charming and lively as Du Yingran. In addition, Meng Yuxi's temperament was also lively. She had seen graceful and restrained beauties like Liu Lian An. Because she didn't like them in her heart, she had some prejudices against her. At this time, she saw a weak beauty like Liu Lian An and tasted the beauty of a weak Liu Fufeng. At that time, the folding fan in her hand fell to the ground again. Mo Deyin bent down and picked up the fan. Du Yingran said with a smile, "Isn't this scholar stunned?" The third princess smiled. "Yes, yes." "Why are you wearing this today?" Du Yingran asked. Today is the Jiying Meeting. Have you forgotten? The eyes of the three princesses were wide open unconsciously. Jiying will be three words, let Du Yingran a trance, listening to the words of the three princesses, gradually recalled those memories that belong to Du Yingran. Is this too? The constitution was made when Zu was here. In order to promote learning, there was the grand occasion of the English Gathering Meeting. On this day, both men and women could enter the debate room in the Academy. First, the highly respected teachers of the Academy would give lectures, and then the young students in the Academy would show their talents in disguise. The last one was that the outstanding representatives of the students who graduated in previous years would talk about their learning experience in the Academy. Du Yingran had never been there before,non standard fasteners, and Mo Deyin's eyes widened, as if her brother had told her about it, and she had forgotten it because she had been immersed in her own sadness for several days. You don't have a post. The three princesses frowned slightly and suddenly remembered that only those who studied in the six courtyards could get a post, or those who ranked among the ministers. If there were children of the right age in the family, they could get a post. In addition, 20 posts would be posted at the gate of the East City in Kyoto every day, for a total of three days,die casting parts, for those students to pick up. These three, Du Yingran do not meet, Du Yingran to the three princesses slightly nodded. The three princesses rolled their eyes. "But it doesn't matter. You can still go." Du Ying ran some heart, but finally shook his head, "or not, I do not have a post, and the use of privileges is not good." "Who said anything about using privileges?" The three princesses' lips were slightly warped, and their eyes were full of smiles. "The rules are set. People who have posts can only go in alone. They can't even carry a boy or a servant girl. Where do I get the privilege? This is a point of the post, which originally belongs to you." "I remember there was a post from the dean of the Dance and Music Academy, and there was a rule that if you were appreciated by the dean, you could get a post." The eyes of the three princesses were shining. "The dance on the day of Longevity Festival is absolutely worthy of that post." In this way, the three princesses said with some enthusiasm, "Well, I'll go with you to find Dean Wang.". Do you have any men's clothes? "Men's wear is not." Du Yingran said. What are you waiting for? We'll go to the shop to buy you men's clothes. The third princess tilted her head and looked at Maud Yin, metal stamping parts ,Stainless steel foundry, which made Maud Yin a little nervous. "Do you have a post?" "Yes." Maud's voice was small, with two red eyes and a timid expression like a rabbit. "Would you like to go with me?" Said the third princess. After saying that, the third princess smiled and felt like an evil young man who bullied a good woman. Maud's eyes widened slightly and his expression was shy. "Well, I want to be with Sister Du and the princess." The three princesses were tickled by her small voice, especially the three words of Sister Du, which were soft and glutinous, not to mention how lovely they were. Although Du Yingran is younger than her, she is much more mature than her. Although she often calls her Du Xiaomei, in fact, she is more like Du Yingran. When she sees Mo Deyin calling Du Yingran sister, the three princesses are a little itchy. "You call Du Xiaomei sister, don't be too polite to me, just call me Zheng sister." Mo Deyin looked at Du Yingran at a loss. Du Yingran said with a smile, "She just likes to be a sister. If you call her, she will give you a gift as a sister." "Yes.". "The third princess clapped her hands and took a jade pendant from her body with a smile." Sister, this jade pendant is for you. " Maud blushed. "But I don't have anything for Sister Zheng." "Just call me sister." Three princesses are called by Zheng elder sister is all over comfortable, the eyes slightly narrowed up, the vision fixed on Du Yingran body some hidden bitterness, "Du little sister seldom calls me." "All right, Sister Zheng." Du Yingran laughed and said, "Let's go to the ready-made clothes shop to buy ready-made clothes. There should be no men's clothes in Deyin." "Yes." Maud nodded. The third princess interrupted and said, "Deyin, that's a nice name." "You don't know who anyone else is, so you let people call you sister." Du Yingran said with a smile, "Miss Mo, Mo Deyin." "I can trust the people you know." The third princess took Du Yingran's arm and smiled sweetly. Du Yingran was warmed by the words of the three princesses, "All right." Mo Deyin saw two people, some envy in the heart, she and Qi Zhuohua seem to have a good relationship, but always feel a little bit worse, at this time to see Mo Deyin with Du Yingran, about two people or more than one point, less intimacy. I'm not very suitable. Maud said, "I can't see anyone with my face like this." "Sister Du is a doctor, and she must have a way." Said the third princess. You really flatter me. Du Yingran said with a smile, and then said to Mo Deyin, "but your sister Zheng is right, I do have some ways." "What is your sister Zheng?" The third princess interjected, "I am also your sister Zheng." "Well, well, my sister Zheng." Du Yingran said with a smile, "now look at my miraculous cure." Three princesses are a little curious, Mo Deyin's eyes are very swollen,deep draw stamping, what will Du Yingran do? Du Yingran first pressed raw potatoes into velvet and covered the eyes of the three princesses. After a moment, she looked much better. Her fingers were stained with ice from the freezer. After letting her fingertips cool, she pressed the acupoints around her eyes with her fingers.