Miss Chengcheng (Gentleman Yize)

At dawn, the sky was still dark, and the snow mixed with fog flooded the world. She was wearing a thick overcoat and her face was red with cold.


At dawn, the sky was still dark, and the snow mixed with fog flooded the world. She was wearing a thick overcoat and her face was red with cold. Pushing the branches through a forest, the snow on the branches fell to the ground, glittering with white light. What is shown in the lens is a complete snow slope. The blue-gray sky and the white snow seemed to be mixed together, and it was impossible to tell who was who. The forests in the distance are dressed in blue and white coats, as if they had a dream of a snow country. Telephone poles and some pillars were blown down by the wind and snow, and her short hair danced like grass in the wind. The scene before us exudes the beauty of poverty and emptiness. The whole world is cold and blue and gray, as if everything has already died. The only living color was red, and those were her eyes rolling with tears. She sniffed and did not speak. But the stereo was already playing her husky monologue: "Nan, a man came to me.". When he showed up, my life changed a lot, and I told myself that this was the end. After all, you've been gone for nine years, and it's time to get ready for a different journey. You will bless me, won't you? But do you know why I want to be a tour guide? "Because only in this way can I repeat the path we have traveled.". Walking like this, I found that I was more motivated than ever and lived happily like this. Her voice,ibc spill containment pallet, though hoarse, was surprisingly calm. Many audiences in the cinema have secretly sniffed and wiped their tears, but Shen Yali just looked at her sad self in the film with an expressionless face. The camera zoomed out on the screen, and her figure became very small. The howling wind rolled up large areas of snow, turning the whole picture into a blurred white. At the beginning of the film, sad piano music is played,plastic pallet suppliers, accompanied by a dull beat. Every time the beat sounded, it seemed that something was beating on the fragile heart of the audience. Finally, the picture darkened at a very slow speed, returning to a short but long black. A new number appears in the lower right corner of the screen: 2013. Under the Sagrada Familia, there are tourist groups from all over the world. Jiangnan also appeared here with a new group of Chinese tourists. Pointing to the Sagrada Familia, she held a megaphone and introduced it to everyone with a very serious attitude: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest building in Spain, Gaudi's work, the Sagrada Familia.". It is a World Heritage Site of the United Nations. It has been under construction since 1884 and has been repaired until now. As you can see when you look up, it is still unfinished. Now please follow me.. Compared with the sad piano music in Hokkaido before, the music at this time was replaced by the R B style "Empire State Of Mind". In such a sunny summer, in this crowded and lively crowd, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible pallet box, in these magical and strange but extremely eye-catching buildings, the young Latin people dressed in cool clothes are so lively and happy that the tone of the film becomes very modern, as if the audience will follow this pace to a prosperous tomorrow. Barcelona, a famous southern European city famous for its sports, art and beautiful scenery, was originally the "coolest resort in Europe" among the Western population. Until this moment, it was given the original color by the director-it is flamboyant, bright and colorful. The city's open-top double buses, freshly painted "Barcelona City Tour", are ubiquitous, and tourists sit comfortably on the upper deck in sunglasses, laughing and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the Paseo de Gracia. The lines of Bayeux House are strange and full of nature, as if they were made of animal bones and petals and green leaves. There are numerous luxury stores across the street, with Chanel, Herm Hermès and Burberry displaying their latest purses and heels. The street next to the flower bed is under construction, and some tired pedestrians and overseas students are sitting in the shade of trees to rest, including many young couples. Gracia Avenue seems to have become a corridor of time, and every corner is full of stories of the past. Passing by the flower bed, Jiangnan seemed to see a familiar shadow out of the corner of his eye. She turned her head and was stunned to see herself in college among many lovers. At that time, I still had long hair and liked to be angry with my flat mouth. She seemed to be waiting for someone, and her face was full of playfulness and impatience. Someone stopped beside him. She looked up. Nan, wearing a plain white shirt, smiled down at her. At first she pretended to be angry, and when he began to worry, she finally burst out laughing. She stood up, hugged his neck, and stood on tiptoe to give him a green kiss. When Jiangnan saw this scene, his eyes revealed surprise and relief. She watched them leave the flower bed hand in hand, walking away in the long corridor, and finally reluctantly turned around and beckoned the tourists to follow her, because they were about to go to the next stop of the journey. She looked up at the clear Barcelona sky, smiled for the first time in nine years, and strode in the opposite direction of the two men. The lights come on and the film is over. The strong rhythm of the music continues, and the big screen begins to roll the subtitles: producer Bai Chuan Dante, director Rong Fen, starring Chen Xiao (Saeki Jiangnan)-Shen Yali, Hou Feng-Asachen Saeki Nan-Dante Lin Xixi-Cheryl.. Note (1): Wish means "please" in Japanese. The nineteenth city Judging from the reaction of the cinema audience, the film is bound to be a great success. Not only because this is Rong Fen's painstaking efforts for many years, but also because she can fully understand Chen Xiao's feelings and put all her emotions into it. In fact,collapsible pallet bin, this way of acting makes her feel unsafe, and there is a feeling that her privacy is exposed to the public. While thinking about how to conduct interviews in the future, she left the crew and drove home by herself. binpallet.com