Xia Ke Xing

My wife was in the air, and it was very difficult for her to escape the danger of the knife. Her eyes flashed, and a thought passed through her mind: "There are at least seventy or eighty bandits and horse thieves who have died under my throwing knife.".


My wife was in the air, and it was very difficult for her to escape the danger of the knife. Her eyes flashed, and a thought passed through her mind: "There are at least seventy or eighty bandits and horse thieves who have died under my throwing knife.". Today's retribution is not good, but it is still under his own sword. Coincidentally, the two throwing knives thrown from Ding Busi's soft whip were smashed open by Feng Liang and Lu Zhengping respectively, just in time to shoot past Shi Putian. Seeing that the situation was critical, he made a sound to remind him that it was useless. He immediately grabbed two throwing knives with his right hand and threw them out. He had never practiced a hidden weapon. When he received the throwing knife, he was careless, and when he threw it, he was in a mess. It was just that the internal force was strong, and the throwing knife was castrated. When there was a sound, one knife hit the throwing knife that shot at the belly of Gao Sanniangzi, while the other cut off her hair. Senior three lady fell from a height of several Zhangs, a little tiptoe, inverted vertical several Zhangs, has been frightened face pale. Even Ding Busi was surprised. He immediately turned around and shouted, "Which friend is in my way here?"? Those who have the guts will come out to fight for three hundred rounds, and those who hide their heads and show their tails are not heroes. His eyes stared at Shi Putian, but he didn't recognize him for a moment because his face was covered with coal ash. He heard the stone break the sky repeatedly called to kill himself, as if his every move, every style of kungfu was all in the other side's expectation, and just when the two throwing knives knocked his own throwing knife open, the strength was even greater than usual, the throwing knife flew several feet away, and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye, although he was angry, he also knew that this inner strength was far beyond his reach, after all, it was cleaner to speak. What "grandpa", "boy",drum spill containment, actually all put away. When the stone breaks the sky to save people, what is not enough to think carefully, a double knife throw, unexpectedly play work, oneself is also surprised and happy, but when the knife throws the knife, the blade of the flying knife cuts the palm of the hand out of two cuts, blood dripping, for a while also do not feel how painful, see Ding not four so aggressive to speak to himself, have forgotten that Ding has blackened his face,plastic pallet manufacturer, "Fourth Grandpa," he said with trepidation, "yes.. It's me It's a big dumpling! Ding Busi was stunned. Then he burst out laughing and said, "Ha ha!"! I asked who it was, but it turned out to be your big dumpling! The heart thinks: "This boy has learned my martial arts, pardonable he can speak a word to break, that is true a bit also not strange." As soon as he lost his timidity, he became angry and shouted, "The thief boy has come to meddle in Grandpa's business!" With a whoosh of a whip, he hit him on the head. Shi Putian followed the strong wind of the soft whip and opened back. Although he was far away, his posture was extremely ugly. Ding Bu-si missed a hit, and his anger was even stronger. He had a series of three whips, and his moves were extremely ingenious, but they were all avoided by Shi Putian. Shi Putian's internal skill cultivation has reached this realm, and his body turns with his heart. He can do everything he wants. But under Ding Busi's accumulated power, his lingering fear is still there. He just dodges, but does not fight back. Ding Busi secretly wondered, "I haven't taught this boy this soft whip kungfu. How can he know the tricks?" A soft whip became more and more urgent, and suddenly it turned into a golden yellow cloud, which wrapped the stone in the sky. Seeing how he couldn't do it all the time, plastic wheelie bins ,mobile garbage bin, he suddenly remembered: "This big rice dumpling joined hands with Bai Wanjian on Ziyan Island, and beat me and the third brother to flee in confusion.." No, of course, the third brother was disgracefully defeated, but I, Ding Laosi, did not want to haggle with the younger generation. I retired and walked away. The boy was afraid of Grandpa and dared not chase him, but the boy was always a little strange. Others saw that Shi Putian dodged here and there between the sweeps of the soft whip, and was repeatedly exposed to strange dangers, which often could not be released, and the palms of his hands were pinched in a cold sweat. Shi Putian thought to himself, "Why didn't Grandpa really hit me?"? He was playing with me, passing the soft whip by me on purpose. He did not know that Ding Busi had already performed ten percent of his kungfu, but he was always a little worse and could not sweep him. Ding Su knew how powerful this great-uncle was, and when he saw how powerful he was, it seemed that every time he waved his whip, he could break Shi Putian's muscles and bones. The more he looked at him, the more worried he became. He shouted, "Brother Tian, fight back quickly!"! If you don't fight back, that's bad! The crowd heard these few clear women's voices from a bartender's mouth, really strange things, one after another, but see Ding Busi and Shi Putian a crazy golden whip, a random dodge, for the bartender's sudden voice, it is too late to go to surprise. But Shi Putian thought, "Why is it so bad?"? Yes, that day I tied my left arm to fight with the Taoist priests of Shangqing Temple. They were very angry and said that I looked down on them. My mother said that if you fight with others, the most taboo is to despise your opponent. If you beat him, it's all right, but if you show a little contempt in your words and deeds, the other side will be humiliated and become enemies from then on. I only dodged and did not fight back, which was a contempt for the fourth grandfather. He immediately stretched out his hands and grabbed Ding Busi's chest, using the 18-way capture technique taught by Ding Wei. This is the ancestral martial arts of the Ding family. How can Ding Busi not know it? He immediately avoided it. However, under the powerful internal force of Shi Putian, this 18-way grappler hooks, belts, locks, holds, pokes, strikes, splits, and bends. Each move is carried with a strong wind of hissing, which is extremely powerful. Horrified, Ding Busi cried, "I've seen a ghost! I've seen a ghost!" On the twelfth move, Shi Putian grabbed it with his backhand and used the fifth change of the "phoenix tail hand" to grasp the tip of the golden whip in his hand. Ding Bu-si's capacity was recaptured, but he did not move. With a loud shout, he raised the strength of his life to pull, thinking that he would not allow others to use the nine-section whip, but if his nine-section whip was taken away by a young boy, what face would he have to see people after that? At the time of recapture, the joints of the whole body rattled and the power was brought into full play. Shi Putian thought to himself, "If you want to pull back the weapon, I will let it go." The fingers loosened, only to hear a few loud bangs and clicks. Ding Busi's body crashed backwards, half blocking the earthen wall of the restaurant, and the bricks and mud fell into the shop. I don't know how many tables, benches, bowls and dishes were crushed. Then heard four miserable cry, a Kanto children, three idlers bent down, vest gush blood. When Shi Putian took a look, he saw four people carrying broken bowls or bamboo chopsticks on their backs,euro plastic pallet, and Ding Busi had disappeared. However, knowing that he was defeated, he left in anger and had no place to vent his anger. He grabbed a broken bowl of bamboo chopsticks and hit four people. cnplasticpallet.com