Yu Jiaolong

Qin Ma saw that Mrs. Fang had nothing to say to the empty table, so she had to promise in silence. Then Mrs.


Qin Ma saw that Mrs. Fang had nothing to say to the empty table, so she had to promise in silence. Then Mrs. Fang stood up and picked up her daughter from the bed. She buried her head and looked at her and said softly, "Daughter, daughter, don't blame your mother for being cruel. Your mother also has her own difficulties.". If you don't do this, you'll never see the light of day, and you won't be able to raise your eyebrows. After you leave your mother, may you live a long life without any disaster! As she spoke, she could not help shedding a few lines of tears. After Fang Erda finished, he crossed his heart, handed the child to Qin Ma with both hands, and turned his back to cover his sobs. Qin Ma took the child trembling, took advantage of Mrs. Fang's back, took a small silver bottle from the table, and quietly stuffed it into the child's arms. Immediately, he took the child out of the room and walked to the east room. Qin Ma crept to Yujiaolong's bed, gently lifted the curtain, and saw Yujiaolong still lying motionless with her eyes closed. She bent down and called out softly, "Little Lady." Seeing that there was no movement, she reached out and touched Yujiaolong's forehead, feeling that the wet deer was still sweating slightly. Qin Ma could not help but feel a burst of relief, secretly read from the heart: "She has been safe." He hurriedly put the child in his hand beside Yujiaolong and picked up the newly born child close to her. In this short moment,empty cosmetic tubes, Qin Ma only felt a heart fluttering straight ring, even as if the thunder came from far away, unconsciously, she was also sweating. Just as she was about to pull away, she turned around and stopped again, thinking, "I have to leave a note so that his mother and son can recognize each other in the future." So she put down the child again, picked up the scissors,metal cosmetic tubes, cut a square of peach silk on Yujiaolong's close-fitting cotton-padded jacket, and hid it quietly in her arms. Only then did she hurriedly leave the room with the child in her arms and return to Mrs. Fang's room. When Mrs. Fang saw that the child had been replaced, of course she was filled with joy. On the one hand, he thanked Qin Ma a thousand times, and on the other hand, he said to Qin Ma worriedly, "While that woman is still asleep, we must leave the shop quickly.". Otherwise, if she found out and made trouble, wouldn't it be a mistake? By this time, the sky was bright. Mrs. Fang called Hu Cheng and said to him, "I feel that I have recovered. I can't bear to stay here for a long time. Please hire a car for me. I want to leave for Suzhou at once." Surprised and embarrassed, Hu Cheng said, "It's such a big snowstorm, and the Chinese New Year is coming tomorrow. Where can I hire a car?" Mrs. Fang said stubbornly and angrily, "This is also a place under the jurisdiction of the Suzhou government. Who dares to say that they won't go?"! "What's more, aluminium laminated tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, I hired a rickshaw. It was snowing heavily, and the extra silver meant that I had to go." When Hu Cheng saw that Mrs. Fang was determined to leave, he braved the wind and snow to go out and hire a car for her because she was the precious wife of the current government official. Mrs. Fang hurriedly ordered Qin Ma to pack her luggage and wait. After a while, Hu Cheng had hired the car. Mrs. Fang took the child in her arms and got into the carriage with the help of Qin Ma. The coachman waved his whip, uttered a hoarse cry, and rolled his wheels westward. Hu Cheng stood outside the door to see him off. After a while, the carriage disappeared in a confused snowstorm, leaving only two deep ruts on the snow. Hu Cheng shook his head in puzzlement, wondering if he had done anything to offend the official. Besides, Yujiaolong had been sleeping in bed in a daze until noon when he gradually came to life. When she had just regained consciousness, the first thought that came to her was that the baby had been born and that he was safe and sound? Who does he look like? Although she still felt weak and even too tired to open her eyes, the thought of the child seemed to support her with an inexplicable force, which made her recover quickly and gradually increase her spirit. She opened her eyes, struggled over, and gazed at the child sleeping beside her, with a natural smile that she had never had in her life. She could not help but move her face to gently snuggle with the child, and for an instant, the bitterness of her heart turned into a bosom of honey, which could not be contained, but overflowed from her eyes. She felt that her whole body was soaked with happiness. She only experienced this kind of happiness in her mother's arms when she was young, and later in Luo Xiaohu's chest. She felt an incomparable satisfaction that all her sufferings, pains, and struggles had been rewarded in a single moment, and she was even ashamed of the occasional flash of regret. Yujiaolong snuggled up to the child for a while, and then raised her face to look at the child's appearance carefully. She had a small red face, long eyebrows, and a small wet mouth under her straight nose. Although she could not see her eyes when she closed her sleeping eyes, she could already make people feel her beauty and wisdom from her slender eyelids. The child was very comely, so delicate that he looked a little delicate. Yujiaolong looked at him carefully, trying to find out from his eyebrows that he looked like Huai Lai. She looked and looked for a long time, but could not see a trace of similarity with Luo Xiaohu. She could not help feeling a sense of loss. Just then, Hei San came into the room with a big bowl of boiled eggs with brown sugar. He walked carefully and respectfully to the bed of Yujiaolong and said, "I, Hei San, was obsessed with ghosts last night and went astray. The little lady showed mercy. Although I, Hei San, am humble, I am a man who will correct his mistakes and repay his kindness.". Today, I sent a bowl of boiled eggs to the young lady. I hope the young lady will not remember the old evil and eat it. I, Hei San, have done my best. With that, he handed the bowl to Yujiaolong with both hands. Jade Jiaolong did not reach out to pick up, only silently watching the black three, the heart is full of doubts. Seeing this, Hei San smiled awkwardly and put the bowl beside the bed. He took another teacup and took out a little boiled water from it. Then he raised his glass and said to Yu Jiaolong, "I, Hei San, am sincere and have no other intention. Please don't worry, little lady." With that,plastic packing tube, he looked up and swallowed the boiling water in the cup. Yujiaolong could not help being moved at the sight of him. He said to him in a gentle voice, "It is a great kindness to correct one's mistakes."! I have accepted your kindness. With that, she picked up the bowl. Hei Sangao went out of the room happily. emptycosmetictubes.com