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Fan Zhongyang and others dare not answer back.


Fan Zhongyang and others dare not answer back. Boundless can indeed call them children, but they are all masters of cultivation, which sounds a little strange. They had to step back a few steps as the president spoke. Leave is impossible, unless Qin Xiaotian let them leave, the permission of the elder is not inferior to the president. Chin Hsiao-tien asked, "President, why do you want so many golden pills?" "This is welfare," said Ji Wuya with a smile. "Hey, this is the welfare I arranged for the following people as the president. Well, it's not accurate to say welfare. I should say it's a reward. It's easy to use and cheap. I'll ask you for it when I run out. Chin Hsiao-tien couldn't help being angry. This guy was so ridiculous that he let himself be a free laborer. "You'd better save some money. That's all you have. If you want any more, you won't have any more." "Don't be so stingy, brother," said Ji Wuya! Heh heh, by the way, I have something to do, so I'll leave first. He teleported straight back. Qin Hsiao-tien couldn't help scolding, "This guy is here just for the golden elixir. Next time.." Don't try to get the golden elixir from me! With that, I couldn't help laughing. Although the two men kept bickering, the brotherhood became deeper and deeper. "You can do what you have to do. Leave one person on duty here. I have something to go out for a while." Qin Xiaotian flashed into the world of Qi Tian. The crowd watched helplessly as Qin Xiaotian disappeared, unaware of any breath. Han Mu-jung said, "I'm on duty here for ten days, and Lei Zhen will come and take over when the time comes." Fan Chung-yang said,large artificial blossom trees, "All right, I'll go and arrange it. Everyone will take turns.". Hsiao Hsiao-pai should stay, too. You're the secretary of the Great Elder, and you're responsible for a lot of things. Xiao Xiaobai nodded and said, "Well, I'm meditating here." Qin Xiaotian came directly to Huanhuan door, now mom and dad are not, only Long Xiaoxian in charge of Huanhuan door. He told Xiaoxian the news of setting up a new mountain gate in the pioneer city and asked her to prepare for the relocation in the future. After chatting with Xiaoxian for a while,large ficus tree, he left. In the blink of an eye, he moved to the sky above the land of Qitian. Qi Tian completely refers to the time of the earth, there are day and night, but there is no real sun and moon, only simulated sunshine and moonlight. Because there has not been a large amount of material filling in recently, the expansion of the Qitian continent has basically stopped, and the existing area is equivalent to the surface area of three earths. Qin Xiaotian re-divided the area and separated it with water. The largest area is the continent where the mythical beasts are active, which is almost two times the area of the earth. Because of the huge size of the mythical beast, it can not survive without a certain range of activities. This area is a mixed area, with mythical beasts and all kinds of wild animals, as well as human activities, all of which are indigenous people of the divine land. There are two other areas, one of which is where Huanhuan Gate is located. The conditions are the best. There are no big wild animals. The botanical garden is also located in this area. There is also a very small area, dedicated to the placement of those chaotic life forms, some things even Qin Xiaotian can not figure out, artificial banyan trees ,outdoor ficus tree, just out of curiosity and into the world of Qi. Back to the heart of the world, I saw Xuanlong still sitting quietly. The heart of the world has been materialized by Qin Xiaotian, which has mountains and rivers, and is basically the epitome of the mainland of Qitian. When Xuanlong saw Qin Xiaotian come in, he said, "Xiaotian, I can go out now." After he got Mukesi and the method of practice, he realized it carefully in his heart and finally found the direction of his practice, so he decided to leave Qitian. Qin Xiaotian asked, "Where are you going to practice?" "Go to Xingyuan Mansion," said Xuanlong. "There is a magic crystal there. The realm of cultivation must be supported by a large number of divine crystals. Although I have collected some, it is far from enough. Qin Xiaotian understood the importance of the crystal, and he had planned to look for a new vein. From what we know now, most of the Shenjing veins in the central area of Shenjing Continent have been excavated. Even if some of them can be found, they are leftovers left over from the past. It is impossible to have large veins. There should be many Shenjing veins in the marginal area of Shenjing Continent. That is where he focuses on. Not only Qin Xiaotian thought so, but also Qing Di and others. The immortals under Qing Di have emerged from Xingyuan Mansion and begun to explore the terrain on a large scale, organize the construction of the transmission array, and gradually form a transmission network. Li Qiang also invited the Seven Elders of the Original Realm, who lived in seclusion, to help him search for the Divine Crystal Vein in the Divine Realm Continent. Once this crazy trend was formed, it became a competition between each other. Fortunately, Qing Di, Li Qiang and Tiangu were all in the same group, so although it was a competition, there was no big conflict. Qin Xiaotian returned to Xingyuan Mansion and decided to join the trend, but he was alone, with only one Xuanlong to help at most. Under the blockade of the Qing Emperor, the outside world did not know much about the astonishing news of the existence of Xiushen, Shenjing and Shenjing Continent. However, with the entry of practitioners and mortals in the original world, the news of the existence of the divine land gradually spread out. With the passage of time, some well-informed immortals in the fairy world also got the news, and more and more immortals asked to join the Qing Emperor faction. Some of the hidden sects in the fairy world are also beginning to stir. Qing Di had to send experts to guard the transport array to prevent some ill-intentioned experts from sneaking in, and the censorship became more and more stringent. Qin Xiaotian did not appear directly in Xingyuan Mansion, but appeared with Xuanlong 10,000 kilometers away from Xingyuan Mansion. "Brother Xuanlong, are you going to Xingyuan Mansion, or are you going to look for the lode with me?" Xuanlong hesitated for a moment and said, "I'm going to Xingyuan Mansion, where I should be able to get a lot of divine crystals." Qin Xiaotian knew that he had quite a few immortal friends there, so he had nothing to worry about. "All right," he said. "Fly in this direction. It's about 10,000 kilometers. With your temperature, you can get there in a few hours." "Thank you, Tien. Take care." Xuanlong turned into a meteor and flew toward Xingyuan Mansion. Qin Xiaotian smiled, quietly returned to the heart of the world, and began to train the mythical beasts in the world of Qi Tian. Moments later, about 10,000 mythical beasts were completely controlled. He came out again,fake ficus tree, waved his hand to summon the mythical beast, and instructed them to search for the Yakujin, which the mythical beast loved to eat. hacartificialtree.com