Twilight and bright moon

"This is what I expected," Jacob's voice was cold. "Sam and they were right.


"This is what I expected," Jacob's voice was cold. "Sam and they were right. I'm not going to follow my temper anymore." Quill's eyes were gratified. He put his hand on Jacob's shoulder and said, "Jacob, we have found that your blood is awakening more and more, and its strength is increasing. Sam told us that when your strength surpasses his, he will give you back the position of leader. After all, it is the Alpha blood that flows in your body.". I'm really glad you think so. We don't have to worry about you taking the whole tribe in because of your willfulness. "I won't." Jacob's eyes were moist. "I didn't expect Sam to make such a decision, and you want to believe me." "Oh," Quill hugged Jacob and hammered him in the chest a few times. "It's better when you're strong enough. And you're really mature that you can't think about your own personal affairs in this matter." "Are you mature?" Jacob's face was smiling, but his heart was crying. "If possible, I hope I don't know anything before. I don't have to worry about anything, just be with the person I like." Dividing line "Esme, it's our turn to go." Carlisle extended a hand and bowed slightly, making an inviting gesture with gentlemanly grace,touch screen digital signage, as if he were on a stage of great attention. I'm honored, my dear. When Esme saw that no one was around, she finally made a bold move, curtseyed like a lady, and put her hand in Carlisle's. With a few laughs, Rosalie,touch screen kiosk, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper appeared as if from the ground and were caught in the act by their children. Esme lowered her head shyly. Carlisle, in his usual polite manner, stiffened his face and shouted, "Stop laughing and go to school quickly." Suddenly the crowd dispersed like birds and beasts. Carlisle shook his head. Finally, he could not keep his face paralyzed. He laughed gently. "These children, they are happy for once." "Yes," said Esme with relief on her face, "they have been worried about Edward and the moon since they came back from the Volturi. But did you just do it on purpose? Esme had a rare little tantrum, temperature check kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, and Carlisle held her in his arms to comfort her. "Isn't this for the children?"? So let's make a small sacrifice. The Cullens didn't have much hope for the werewolves, and their response confirmed Carlisle's guess. They agreed that although they could not help Edward and Mingyue for the time being, they should at least protect Qiu well. So the Cullens began lurking in the trees near Cho's house in three shifts. I am the time to return to the dividing line of the previous period. Time goes back to when Bella and Victoria first arrived at the Volturi. Victoria had talked to Bella on the way, and when Bella learned that she was going to Volturi, she was not afraid of Victoria's imagination, but very excited. You want to be a vampire? Victoria asked with interest. Of course, but I went to the Cullens and they wouldn't let me. Victoria's enchanting big red eyes rolled and promised, "Go to the Volturi this time, the royal family of the vampire world. If you can get their appreciation, they will turn you." As Victoria and Bella stood in the doorway, Jane looked contemptuously at the timid Victoria and the humans looking around and said disdainfully, "You wait here. I'll ask the master if he wants to see you." "All right." Victoria whispered respectfully. Bella paid no attention to Jane. Victoria tugged on Bella's shirt and Bella noticed Jane. She replied, "Yes, I'm very patient." Jane even disdained the foolish human, who, in her opinion, was just like Jaina at the reception desk, a human who tried to become a vampire. Victoria gave Bella a hard look after Jane turned around, and Bella restrained herself a little, thinking that she was going to become a vampire, and she stood there motionless and waiting. Arrow didn't agree with them at first, but after Jane said "Cullen family", his interest suddenly came up. God knows that Arrow hates this vegetarian family, which is contrary to their ideas. If it weren't for the fact that the core members of the Cullen family are second only to the Volturi and have great prestige in the vampire world, he would have done it long ago. This time Victoria accused the Cullen family, and Arrow thought it was a good way to punish them. The grand door opened and Aro was the only one sitting in his seat. Neither Marcus nor Caius was interested in coming because it was not a big deal. The embattled guards on both sides made Victoria and Bella bow their heads with some trepidation and slowly follow Jane to the center of the hall. Arrow put his right elbow lazily on the arm of his chair and propped up his chin. "Victoria, right?" He asked? What are you accusing the Cullen family of? As soon as Victoria heard Arrow's words with a taste of encouragement, and then thought of her dead partner James, her heart was filled with hatred, and her eyes were filled with hatred, but she also knew to remain respectful in front of Arrow: "Elder Arrow, the Cullen family has violated the highest law of the vampire world, and they have revealed our existence to mankind." "Oh," Aro's eyes lit up and his body stood up. "Are you sure? False accusers will be put to death. There was a clear threat in the voice. "I saw it with my own eyes. Edward Cullen of the Cullen family fell in love with a human woman. He told her all about vampires,digital whiteboard price," Victoria affirmed. My partner James was killed by that human woman, and I watched him get his head blown off and burned by that woman. "A woman?" Aro snorted coldly, and Victoria's body trembled and lowered her head. "Can I think that your partner is too incompetent?"? A vampire easily killed by a human? 。