Meat Fragrance (edited by Cai Jun, including Cai Jun Meat Fragrance, Pan Haitian: Hungry Tower, Home Attic: Who is the V

Meat Fragrance (edited by Cai Jun, including Cai Jun Meat Fragrance, Pan Haitian: Hungry Tower, Home Attic: Who is the Vampire, Qianzhong: Phantom Baby, etc.)


"I've arranged a room for you. The upstairs faces east, and the downstairs is very damp." My uncle bolted the door and led me to the door. Along the narrow stairs, I walked upstairs. Suddenly, a disheveled head poked out from the corner. I was startled. My uncle said, "Erbao, come and meet your cousin. You haven't seen him yet." I said, "Is it my cousin?" Having such an unkempt cousin really makes me feel uncomfortable. "I am a woman," said Erbao with a big tongue. Sure enough, she was wearing a lined cloth jacket. Although her hair was disheveled, I saw that her face, hands and clothes were clean. Her face was full of retarded giggles. My uncle said, "Call me cousin. Don't be so undisciplined." Erbao looked at me and said, "Cousin." Chuckle and run upstairs. My uncle shook his head and said, "This child is a little shortsighted, but he is still obedient.". Alas, the room was full of people at that time. There were more than twenty people in the long room and the second room. Now there are only three people left in my family. Look, your mom fell down here when she was a kid. He pointed to a broken handrail in a corner of the upstairs passage. This building is not high, only about three meters, because there are no people living downstairs. The yard is muddy again, and it's no big deal to fall down. It's just that I think of the only funeral scene I remember when the house was crowded with people, and it was more popular than it is now. I sighed and said, "Why isn't my cousin here?" Dabao runs a small shop in the town and doesn't often go home. Let Erbao take you to have a look in a few days. You had a fight with him. Here we are. Your room is right over there. He led me to a room on the side. As soon as he pushed the door, it was dark inside. He pulled the electric light. Almost at the same time,digital signage kiosk, there was a burst of noisy music in the corridor. Then, a man's voice rang out: "Township People's Broadcasting Station, now start broadcasting." Rose Garden (2) In the room, very few things, a bed against the corner of the room, because the dust is too big, the mosquito net is covered with plastic paper that has turned yellow. My uncle said, "The hot water is in the kitchen downstairs. If you want it, go and get it yourself.". It's hard on the way. Wash up and go to bed early. He turned and went out. Standing in the empty room,smart whiteboard price, listening to the confused voice from the radio, like a cold water gradually soaked my whole body. In a trance, I seem to come to another world. Lying on the bed in his clothes, listening to the vague voice coming from the radio. When I got down to it, I could tell it was a radio play. I don't know when it was recorded. Perhaps, in this remote village, there was a guy who was playing with some old compact discs in a radio station. Those intermittent voices seemed to come up from the bottom of the water, and then a woman cried and said, "You lied to me. I was so stupid." After a while, a man's voice said, "Life is like this." It turned out that these two sentences were definitely not together, but when they were put together, they had a strange meaning, as if the announcer had done it on purpose. I thought of the funeral in this big house many years ago. There was a crowd of people, and my great-grandmother lay on a bamboo couch with a white candle at her feet. People's voices rose and fell and wriggled overhead. In the crowd, I vaguely remember a face. This is a woman. A woman of great beauty. What is a five-year-old's idea of a beautiful woman? Of course I forgot. But later, face detection android ,information kiosk price, when I recalled the scene, I found that her beauty made me remember deeply, and I could clearly remember every feature of her. She wore a white lined jacket and her hair was black and shiny, so that when I read the unofficial history later, when I read Chen Shubao's favorite concubine Zhang Lihua's "hair can distinguish people", I found that the observation of the ancients was really amazing, and these words really illustrated the long hair like water. But her face was frighteningly white in my memory, and I wondered if my memory had deceived me, so that her face became whiter and whiter in my memory, as white as white marble. I never knew who she was. At that time, she was about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and her expression was not very sad. Maybe she was the aunt of someone. I remember when I saw her face, I hung my head in fear and didn't dare to look at it. However, in the depths of my heart, there is always a kind of temptation, as if I must see. And every time I look at it, I remember my fear, my fear that I couldn't explain. Her face may have given me the impression that it was too white for me to remember her features. I just think she is more similar to those fairies in the old frescoes that have been peeled off and only a little outline can be seen. But it was already diffuse, and the fairy was no different from the demon. I lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. Outside the window, the night was getting darker and darker, and the voice from the radio became more and more faint, replaced by a woman singing a local ditty. Originally, the dialect of this place is very difficult to understand, and the voice is blurred, plus it is sung out, it is even more indistinguishable. In the melody mixed with current noise, there is only a kind of desolation. The night is like water, a woman alone in rags, singing that feeling on the bridge. No matter how lively the tone is, it will only make people feel sad. After smoking, I threw the cigarette butt into a broken bottle under the bed, took out the toiletries from my bag, and went out of the door. When I went downstairs, at the corner, a wet and cold smell came to me. In the kitchen, the stove is still used. Maybe it's because coal is not easy to transport, and it's expensive, unlike firewood, which is all over the mountains. On the stove, a pot of water was placed on it, and there was still a fire in the hearth, and the water was still very hot. I scooped up a glass of water with a copper spoon, went to the ditch at the door of the kitchen, and began to brush my teeth. I spit a mouthful of water on the ground. I do not know why, a cold on the back, can not help but shiver. Upstairs, the radio was still ringing, and the woman lengthened the tone and pulled out a long note. But it's probably because of the jump lines on the record. A person's breath will never be so long. There was no wind, and the light upstairs was reflected on the ground, shining brightly. But the floor is mud, so this one is just a little lighter than the color on the side. I hung my head again and went to brush my teeth,digital signage screen, but there was a faint uneasiness in my heart. If I hadn't been dazzled, there would have been a shadow passing quickly upstairs just now. Although I could not see the upstairs, the shadow of the railing was cast on the ground.