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Seeing Meng Huaizu waving him away, Meng Shukang turned around and went out.


Seeing Meng Huaizu waving him away, Meng Shukang turned around and went out. When he closed the door, he put his head in again. "Dad, I just want to ask, am I really my own?" "Well, your uncle Liu gave birth to it." Meng Huaizu answered without even pausing. My uncle Liu is a bachelor! Meng Huaizu suddenly looked up with sincere eyes and nostalgia, "so he gave it to us to raise." Shit, this whole thing is like a real thing. Is it cold! Meng Shukang was defeated and went out with a depressed face. Meng Huaizu's eyes flashed with a smile, little bastard, play with Lao Tzu, play with you. Out of the door to see Qin Yiyi is still, also do not care to be depressed, stride to come to Qin Yiyi. I said, little princess, tell my uncle, how did you do it? Qin Yi, holding the tea lid in one hand, skimmed the tea leaves and said lightly, "I said I liked it, but there was nothing else." She really told Meng Huaizu that she liked the project very much, and then she saw Meng Huaizu with a tangled face. Later, she seemed to have made up her mind to coax her out and let Meng Shukang go in. Meng Shukang wilted,White Marble Slabs, "Hey, I'm really my uncle Liu's own." Qin Yiyi did not ask him why he came to such a sentence, anyway, the little fox fighting the old fox, there is no time to win. Drinking tea, he suddenly said, "Grandpa Meng asked you to go in so that you could share the account with me." Meng Shukang's face changed and he nodded reluctantly. I told you to lose money and you won points for me. His face changed greatly, and he nodded his head. He put down his teacup and turned to look at him. "I told you not to give me money if you have something to do." Meng Shukang looked up to the sky and roared,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, reaching out to pinch Qin Yiyi's face, which she easily dodged. You say, you say you are not a person?! Is it a person?! You leprechaun! Why did God make you such a leprechaun to harm the world? Qin Yiyi looked at him lightly, "each other." Meng Shukang was about to spurt out a mouthful of old blood. He put up with it and went back. His face changed again like a change of face. He came forward to please him. Little princess! You are a very rich man! Do you have the heart to see your uncle and me in distress! At least we both come from heaven. We are compatriots and fellow-townsmen. Seeing that Qin Yiyi only looked at him and did not reply, he sat on one side and sighed, "This project really needs a lot of money. To be honest, I'm not sure." Qin Yiyi opened his mouth at this time, "do it, I pay the funds, you manage, fifty-fifty accounts." Meng Shukang's eyes lit up like light bulbs, and he was so excited that he came forward to hug and kiss her. The little princess had never let them kiss her since she was ten years old. Ture? Little princess, you are really my savior! You are the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva who saves lives. It was not Meng Shukang who had the heart to let Qin Yiyi take the money, but he would not have done it before. But since he accidentally knew Qin Yiyi's assets abroad, he felt that after so many years of hard work, Agate Stone Price ,Granite Slab Supplier, he could not catch up with a little girl. Fortunately, this little girl has been abnormal since she was a child, otherwise he really doesn't want to live. Well, really. You find the place, and I'm responsible for the drawings. Then he got up and went back to his home. As soon as she entered the door, she was hugged from behind. Qin Yiyi knew it was Meng Shichen without looking at it. Otherwise, her body would have reacted to the attack long ago. Where's the baby? Meng Shichen rubbed Qin Yiyi's face and asked softly in her ear. He just went to answer the phone, turned around and Qin Yiyi disappeared. Just as he was looking for it, Qin Yiyi came back. Went to your house. I just heard something and went over to have a look. The two families were very close to each other, and there was so much noise from Mr. Meng that Qin Yiyi didn't want to go. Meng Shichen holds her in the bosom to sit, also do not ask what to go, anyway the baby is in his bosom to go, the standard has treasure everything is sufficient. But Qin Yiyi still said the reason, "Uncle wants to do a project, but Grandpa Meng does not agree, I passed, just to persuade, older angry hurt the body." Meng Shichen hum, waiting for the baby's following, Qin Yiyi crackled the end of the matter with Meng Shichen said again. In fact, the project that Meng Shukang wants to do is not a big deal, but an entertainment place. At this time, Z country has also passed two thousand years, the economy is open, the concept is also open a lot, this kind of place is the time to make money, see such a good opportunity, Qin Yiyi has no reason not to get involved. But this kind of place will inevitably be accompanied by some wine and so on, in the old man's mind, that is not a serious place. So even if Meng Huaizu thought has been open enough avant-garde still can not accept, no matter how Meng Shukang guarantee that will be regular business do not mess things, Meng Huaizu do not agree. As soon as Qin Yiyi heard this, he persuaded that this kind of place was very common in foreign countries, and that it was just a place to relax and enjoy. He also said that he was learning to invest and was very interested in this project and wanted to try it with Meng Shukang. Their son-in-law's background Meng Huaizu is probably aware that Qin Yiyi has become more promising in the past few years, and sometimes people are more comprehensive than they think. He is absolutely at ease to Qin Yiyi, see Qin Yiyi say so, although the heart is not very happy, but can not bear to refuse Qin Yiyi, also had to nod in agreement. Qin Yiyi has been thinking about the specific decoration style and management system, want to take advantage of this time as soon as possible to get the project done earlier, so dinner time also eat absent-minded. Although she has a stake in Meng Shukang's company, it is only a small part. But this is a good start. In a few years, people will be more and more aware of the development potential of the market in Z country. At that time, even foreigners will get involved. It will be too late to think about development at that time. Sweetheart. Sweetheart? Qin Laozi saw called twice Qin Yiyi also did not agree, and softly called twice. One side of Qin Wei first rolled his eyes, the old man usually called himself when the voice is full of confidence, ah, almost can deafen themselves. If you don't answer,Grey Marble Slab, it must be that the stick stew has good fruit to eat. Where there will be a baby's treatment, such a soft voice, for fear of scaring her.